When One Door Closes, Another Opens

Life is not easy for a 16-year-old girl and Andrea’s was a real struggle.

Prior to coming to LBMCH, Andrea was truly homeless, with nowhere to go. Andrea had an aunt that had taken her in but the living conditions were not great. Andrea was hungry and not treated kindly. Her aunt was constantly reminding her that she was a burden, that she was lucky that she was allowed to stay in her house and that she would have nothing if not for her.

Andrea had family in Chihuahua but was desperate to stay in the United States, she wanted an education and to learn to speak English. However, Andrea was unable to bear her aunt’s treatment and left her aunt’s home. Andrea was devastated and felt she would be unable to accomplish her dreams of an education.

A few months after, Andrea learned about Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home. She contacted client services herself and shortly thereafter, her prayers were answered and she was enrolled into the LBMCH program. Residing in the program now for two years, Andrea is a Junior in the Socorro Independent School District. She loves her high school and sees that there is an overall acceptance for individual differences, with her classmates focusing on school performance and grades. Andrea is now fluent in English and strives every day at improving her grades. Her current GPA is an 8.75 and continues to improve.

Andrea is very happy in her current placement. Her foster family has become a second family to her. They are mostly English speaking and been a very important factor of Andrea becoming fluent in her new language. Andrea says she “feels fortunate to have the unconditional love, care and support” she has received from those that were once total strangers. Her outlook on life is one of hope. She has learned that she has the strength within to accomplish her goals. Andrea is so thankful for goodhearted people in this world like her foster parents, for people willing to open their home and give the best of themselves to help children succeed.