Play Station

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We are building a new play structure and we need your help!

Our current structure, built in 1992, has been loved and enjoyed by our children but now it needs to be replaced! We have 70 children on campus that need an outdoor place to play. Help us raise funds and replace the equipment!

We are partnering with two grant organizations to fund the new play structure and we need your help to raise the remainder of the funds!

How it Works:

We have two grant-funding organizations that have pledged to help us build a new play structure for our children! Both organizations recognize the need for healthy, safe play for our residents, and have agreed to contribute significant amounts so our kids have a new and improved place to climb.

Now we need your help to get us the rest of the way! We have a $10,000 fundraising goal that will make up the last chunk of money we need to get the play structure built. Please donate, share this cause, and ask your friends and community to donate as well!