Child Abuse and Neglect in El Paso

In 2014, The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services investigated 4,979 reports of alleged child abuse in El Paso County. They confirmed that 1,339 children were indeed victims of abuse.

In 2014, there were:

  • 379 confirmed cases of physical abuse of a child
  • 166 confirmed cases of sexual abuse
  • 56 cases of emotional abuse
  • 70 cases of medical neglect
  • 521 cases of physical neglect.
  • There were 2,313 confirmed  (unduplicated) victims of some form of child abuse or neglect.

In El Paso, there were 655 children living in foster care in 2014.

Sobering Child Abuse Statistics Indicate Need For More Family Services

These sobering statistics demonstrate the ongoing need for the kinds of family services provided by Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home. Through no fault of their own, children can become targets of devastating abuse that leaves deep and permanent emotional and physical scars. These children need help and support to get past this abuse and rebuild their self-esteem. They need a safe and nurturing environment that will help them succeed—first as children and eventually as adults.

El Paso County Child Abuse Statistics

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services 2014/El Paso County Data
Child Physical/Sexual Abuse Other Abuse
Alleged Victims 4,979
Confirmed victims 1,339 545 794


Getting Help for a Neglected Child
If you know of a neglected child in El Paso, you can get help by contacting our family counseling and foster care services now at 915-544-8777, ext. 232.

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