Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling Services

Since 1959, Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home counselors and caseworkers have provided information and referral services to women in the El Paso area who have faced complex decisions related to unplanned pregnancy. Counselors are sensitive to the unique nature of the personal, physical, and emotional pain associated with such circumstances. Confidentiality, privacy, compassion, and professionalism are high priorities in the counseling process.

The goal of our services is to present options and factual information, without bias. Counselors help birth-parents access services and support as they consider the options that are in the best interest of all concerned.

Birth-mothers are provided with additional information regarding medical and hospital services, and are encouraged to obtain appropriate prenatal care for their unborn children. A variety of area physicians, clinics, and hospitals are resources that are available to provide care for clients receiving counseling. Counseling services are available to clients before, during, and after pregnancy.

Adoption and Foster Care Available As Options

Should a client choose adoption, the agency is licensed as a Child Placing Agency with the State of Texas, and can arrange for placement of the child. In addition, the agency has a foster care program for temporary placement of children if parents need additional time to make their decision.

Each Adoption Unique

Each adoption is unique and contact between birth-parents and adoptive parents/children may range from no contact to periodic de-identified pictures and letters to actual face-to-face meetings. If no contact is desired initially, but if at some later date, contact is desired, there is an adoption registry to facilitate future contact between an adopted child and birth-parents. The adoptive child must be 18 years of age and receive pre-counseling. Birth-parents must also request contact through the registry. If both do not request contact, then no disclosure can occur since all records are sealed at adoption.

For more information on counseling services related to unplanned pregnancy, contact Rowena Dipasupil, Senior Administrator of Social Services, rpdipasupil@leemoor.org,  915-544-8777, ext. 232.