Welcome to Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home

Our Mission

To provide quality programs and services for El Paso, children and families who are in need of care and guidance in achieving healthy life skills, goals, and objectives.

Our Vision

To be the premier General Residential Operation and Child Placing Agency in the greater Southwest region.

Core Beliefs and Values

  • We embrace a strength-based approach that recognizes and builds upon individual strengths in our work with children, families, and our team members.
  • We believe that positive relationships, based on mutual respect and dignity, are the foundation for personal development and growth.
  • We believe the most important factor in motivating children is aligning them with motivated adults.
  • We believe that crisis, along with belonging, presents an opportunity to grow, evolve, and change.
  • We value personal responsibility and challenge ourselves, children, families, our friends, and coworkers to experience the rewards of being responsible and accountable for decisions and actions.
  • We embrace progress in achieving healthy life skills, goals, and objectives, not as a point of arrival, but as an ongoing process.
  • We believe in celebrating our successes, solving problems, and overcoming challenges with a positive, proactive mindset.
  • We value integrity. We believe that integrity is the core of ethics.
  • We believe that humor is an important and positive component of the human spirit.
  • We believe that each day presents an opportunity to make an impact on a child that could last a lifetime, and instill within them hope for their future.
  • We believe that children should be afforded opportunities to serve others. We believe service to others is essential in the healing and growth process.