Communication is Key

When Paula arrived in our program, her family was homeless and living in a car.

Her initial adaptation to the Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home program was an easy one and she quickly opened up to staff and her cottage mates. She immediately showed progress in school, embracing her assignments and asking for help when needed!

However, with any sort of trauma, where there are two steps forward, there will be three steps back, and Paula had survived some traumatic events.  After a while, Paula stop working at school and her grades and behavior started to slip. While visiting with her case worker, it was discovered that Paula was concerned about the well-being of her family and missing that contact children so desperately need. The staff of LBMCH were able to set up a meeting with her family and promptly got them all into therapy sessions together where communication could be worked on.

Paula is now working on continuing to maintain her grades and graduating from high school. She is looking at areas of study and volunteering with different organizations to get a better picture of what she would like to do after graduation. Today, Paula is hopeful and looks forward to a bright future.