Adoption Agency and Services | El Paso, Texas

Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home strongly believes that every child deserves a permanent plan that includes a stable, loving family, and a place to call home. Our experienced, caring staff works closely with birth-parents, who, for whatever reason, are unable or unwilling to provide a stable home environment.

Plans are carefully developed to provide for a child with a prospective adoptive family. Adoptive families are carefully evaluated by staff and prepared to receive children when the need arises. Birth-parents may participate in the selection and match of the child to prospective adoptive families. When appropriate, de-identified information is shared with birth-parents, agency staff, and adoptive parents, who all participate in the placement decision. The adoption program is licensed and monitored by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as a nonprofit Child Placing Agency.

Infants and toddlers accepted for adoption are placed with the agency voluntarily by birth-parents at birth or shortly thereafter, usually before a child reaches one year old. Adoptive placements occur only after the agency has taken the legal steps necessary to qualify a child for adoption.

Understanding The Adoption Process

A formal application is completed by prospective adoptive parents and submitted to the agency, along with copies of marriage certificates, income statements, insurance policies, and references. A home study is conducted and interviews are held with each family member.

Once approved, prospective adoptive parents complete written profiles that are de-identified and available for birth-parents to review. This process is intended to provide birth-parents with general information about the interests and qualities of approved families awaiting placement of children. Birth-parents are then able to provide the agency staff with input toward making a match between their child and the adoptive family.

After children are placed in the adoptive home, counseling and supervision are offered regularly for six months until such time that the adoptive parents meet the legal requirements to petition the court for legal adoption.

Adoption Fees

Adoption fees, typically ranging from 20 percent of a family’s adjusted annual income, up to $15,000, plus $1,000 for the home study, are assessed. These fees are intended to cover the costs of medical care for birth-mothers, legal fees, and agency supervision costs until the adoption in consummated. Post-adoption counseling services are also included. Legal fees for petitioning the court to grant the adoption are paid by the adoptive family to the attorney of their choosing.

For more information on adoption services, including birth-parents and those interested in adopting a child, contact Rowena Dipasupil, Senior Administrator of Social Services,,  915-544-8777, ext. 232.